The Woodworker's Studio Shop SignThe Woodworker's Studio is a small, family-owned and operated business  ~   a traditional wood shop founded on true craftsmanship and hard work. Our doors opened in the Lehigh Valley in 2001. From the onset, we have been serving our clients with unique and custom woodworking solutions, from cabinetry to furniture to those certain visions that just can't be found in any stores.

Master carpenter, George Hochstadt, has more than 30 years of woodworking and building experience. A true artisan, George extends his creativity, passion and devotion to each item that he works on. His artistic and creative accomplishments include being a musician, song-writing, and canvas painting, which serve as the inspiration for the unique quitar tables and the other featured store products.

Over the years, certain pieces have caught the attention of customers, family and friends. The interest and request for these items have initiated this introductory line of store products. Well versed in custom orders, any of the pieces can be special ordered or redesigned to meet your tastes, décor, and needs. We take great pride in providing personal attention and quality design in each product that leaves our shop.

For more information about our company and our full line of services and products, please visit us at

Master Woodworker, George Hochstadt & Shop Dog, Max"As a lifelong musician, I have had a love affair with the guitar. About eight years ago, I built the telecaster table as a homage to a tele that I owned for more than thirty years. Since then I have built many more guitar tables and other unique furniture pieces that are just on the other side of what can be considered normal - my interpretation of art meeting functionality. I use the guitar tables for inspiration when I am writing or recording my music. They are also a great place to put my stuff. I hope you enjoy these things as much as I do. .....Keep Pickin'!"

       George Hochstadt